A Word From Our Exalted Ruler


Many Kudos…


This is my second time in office as your Exalted Ruler and again I am deeply honored to serve you and our lodge in this capacity. I take this position very seriously and will strive to strengthen your faith and support in what I do.


I want to thank all who have volunteered their time to fill the offices and chairs for the fraternal year 2016-2017.  It should be very exciting and rewarding for all involved.  Speaking of involved, won’t you join us and become involved with your lodge?  All it takes is an hour here and there to make a huge difference in the events we put on to help support our veterans, our youth and our community.  We can’t do it alone. Your help is greatly needed.

This year I will be continuing the practice that Wes started last year and recognize a deserving individual each month as “Elk of the Month”. Who knows, you could be the next recipient of that honor. The many great charities that we support will benefit from the hard work we put in and the money we raise so please be as generous as you can when asked by a member to purchase tickets for an event.  Come have a great time and strengthen the friendships that already exist or strike up a new one. You can never have too many friends. I am confident that our PER Association will continue to be active and supportive throughout the year.

If you have some new ideas or would like to revive some old ones, remember that no idea is stupid.  Sometimes it is the ones you least expect that net the best result.  Just contact an officer or member of the House Committee and get the ball rolling. We will assist you in whatever way we can.

Kudos go out to Monique LaFlamme for holding Mardi Gras and Karen Curtis for having the Chili/Chowder Cook-off.  Both events were a huge success and were well attended. Thank you ladies.

It goes without saying that ENF (The Elks National Foundation) is very near and dear to my heart. I ask that each of you make a donation to help our lodge make the GER’s per capita goal. As little as $5.00 per member makes a huge difference and can help our lodge apply for more grants so that we can help our veterans, our youth and our community. In 2014- 2015 our state/lodge got back $2.13 for every dollar that was donated to ENF. That is quite a return on our investment. Won’t you contribute today?  I have lots more that I want to convey but will leave it for another month. I still have until March 31, 2017 to share my thoughts and info.

In Elkdom,




Lori Howlett