The GoldStars Tribute Wall TM this Memorial Day Weekend- May 29 & 30

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The Augusta Elks Lodge #964 is honored to be hosting the GoldStars Tribute

Wall TM this Memorial Day Weekend- May 29 and 30, 2022.

The GoldStars Tribute Wall TM is a traveling memorial created to honor Service
Members who have fallen while serving in the United States military during
the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars and to remind their families that they
are not forgotten. This memorial project will continue to add names to the
memorial through to the present.
You can find more information on the Tribute Wall at
As we plan this very special weekend, we are reaching out to ask if you
would be interested in contributing to the cost of bringing the Wall to Maine.
The cost to bring the wall to Maine is estimated at $12,000. The memorial
will be set up and on display at the Augusta Elks Lodge for 2 days and
open to the public to view. Any funds raised will be used towards the cost
of bringing the wall to Maine and associated expenses with the weekend
activities and the wall. Any amount raised above the expenses for the
weekend will be donated to veteran organizations.
We will be promoting this event on social media, in our newsletter and on
our electronic sign at the lodge. We are also anticipating media coverage.
If you are considering donating, please contact James Orr, Committee
Chair at 207-480-0438 or
** Donations can be mailed to Augusta Elks #964, P.O. Box 2206, Augusta,
ME 04338-2206. Please make checks payable to Augusta Elks 964 and
note c/o Tribute Wall in memo


Thank you
–  James Orr