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Wedding And Other Function Related Questions?


1. How much is the room rate for a wedding?
Answer: See Pricing options here: Facility Pricing Options.

2. Can I come in to decorate?
Answer: Yes, for options please see the Facility Pricing Options.

3. Can I have candles to decorate with?
Answer: Yes, flame must have a glass globe around it, or a floating tea light

4. Do you provide extension cords?
Answer: You must bring in your own extension cords and the extension cords must be taped to the floor so no one trips.

5. Can we bring in our own toast or alcohol?
Answer: The Augusta Elks Lodge has a Maine State Liquor License, no alcohol can be brought into the banquet room, we must provide all alcohol which must stay contained in our banquet facility. The function can be shut down if this rule is not observed.

6. Does the Augusta Elks Lodge supply a DJ?
Answer: You can bring in your own DJ or band, we supply two tables and chairs for your DJ

7. Can food be brought into the Banquet Room?
Answer: All food must be provided by our caterer, the only food that can be brought in is your wedding cake and party favors

8. Who provides security for the function and cost?
Answer: The Augusta Elks Lodge is in charge of ordering the security, which is required from the time your function starts until it ends, at the going rate, the charge is then past on to the person renting the banquet room.

9. Who is required to clean up after your function?
Answer: The only thing that needs to be picked up is any decorations that you want saved, decorations on the ceiling and your gifts. The Augusta Elks Lodge is responsible for clean up.

10. When is the final count required for your function?
Answer: The final count is due 7 business days before your function, we cook 10 percent above the final guarantee.

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